Friday, June 15, 2012

PPF: A dog named Rusty, painting, and a Beautiful Graduate!!!

Meet Rusty...I was driving my daughter and her friend home from downtown the other night when we came across this little guy in the middle of the road.  I was so worried he was going to get hit by a car so I pulled into the refuge lane and rescued him.  He seemed relieved and kept trying to lick my face the rest of the way home.  I feel lucky to have been there at just the right time when Rusty needed someone...what are the odds?

It was late when we got home so I figured I would start the search for Rusty's family in the morning.  
Surprisingly, my animals didn't protest too much to having a visitor.  I think the kitty rolled her eyes and I could almost hear her say, whatever...

The next day I took my Lucy and Rusty out for a morning walk.  I could see it would be hard to say goodbye when I found Rusty's family. 

I had posted an ad on Craigslist about a found dog but didn't get a single email so I took Rusty to the vet to see if he had a chip.  Sure enough, he did and the owners were so happy to hear their doggy was ok.  
I waited with Rusty at the vet clinic for his family to take him home.  
Rusty was so excited when they arrived, it was a happy reunion.  I miss the little guy even though our time was brief.  I couldn't help but cry as I drove home.  My daughter teased me about it. 

waiting for Rusty's family

Here's a few paintings I've been working on the last couple of weeks.

starting a background

laying down a landscape

the finished piece sealed with beeswax

i love this painting so much

Last Friday we celebrated the graduation of my daughter from High School!
I'm so incredibly proud of my girl.
She has grown up to be a kind and compassionate young lady.
I couldn't be more proud.  I am blessed to be her mother.
The Graduate and her bestie♥
Sending love from Oregon,

ps:  I'm up to 40% of my goal to get to Italy!!!  If you would like to sponsor me, the information is on my sidebar!  ♥