Friday, May 25, 2012

Published!!! Happy PPF!

Happy Friday All, it is a great day!  The sun is shining and I'm feeling so happy in this moment.  
I drove my boy to school this morning and we were singing the whole way there.  
It's not like that every morning, today was just special.  We're feeling relieved that my father in law is ok.  We got news yesterday that he was in the hospital having chest pains.  The doc thinks he may have just exhausted himself doing yard work.  He is having some tests but will hopefully be heading home to rest soon. 
We are loving this song by the new American Idol, Phillip Phillips!  
I stayed up late to vote for him and I'm thrilled that he won.  Did anyone see the show?  
I totally cried, he was so sweet and humble.  It's magical to see a dream coming true.

One of my dreams came true this week!  My Jane Eyre painting was published in the summer edition of Somerset Studio Gallery with a story by Misty Mawn!!!  I was thrilled to be there along  with fellow artists: Karen Kay, Carissa Paige, Maureen Clancey, and Andrea Woodyat.  
A few of my favorite blog friends were featured too, Francesca Di Leo, Diane Salter, and Wanda Miller!

I've been on a roller coaster of emotions going up and down.  I'm still hoping and dreaming to go to Italy and paint with Misty Mawn.  I have reached 10% of my goal thus far.  I keep going back and forth wondering if I should just give up because it seems impossible.  I want to believe it will happen.  I requested the time off from work just in case.  I did the math and if all my facebook friends sponsored $7.00 I would be able to go. 

Thank you so much to my friends and sponsors, I'm grateful for your kindness♥

Keeping the Dream Alive,

My name in print!!!

close up of the messy stage

on my art table

working on a custom portrait

Hi from Lucy