Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hello Friends!  
I'm trying to get back to regular blogging, I've been hibernating the last couple of weeks.  The gray days here can really get to me.  The sun made an appearance over the weekend and it felt so good.  
Thinking of warmer weather means less layers of clothing to hide my plump backside so I need to get myself moving.  I just finished a workout with just dance.  It is so fun! Has anyone ever played it?  Now I just have to make this dancing thing a daily routine. 

I'm still working on a commission for a friend and another friend asked if I could paint a moose for her.  I've never really painted animals but I'm gonna give it a try.  I started another portrait while working on my commissioned piece and I'm absolutely loving it so far!  I shared a few pics below.  

Sending wishes to all for a Happy Weekend!
Much Love,

PS:  I've added a sponsor/donation button to my sidebar if you would like to help me get to Italy for a painting class with Misty Mawn.  Anyone who sponsors me will receive a print of one of my paintings and I will add your name/blog to my sidebar with love.  I've been wanting to go for months but it just didn't seem possible.  So I'm dreaming BIG that it can happen!♥♥♥

Janie & Lucy were begging for attention while I was trying to finish my article for Somerset.

Me, exhausted after I finally finished re reading and editing a million times. 

On my easel

pastel portrait

same portrait with acrylic paint over the pastel
Still working on it...
Lucy soaking up some rays in Grandma's backyard