Saturday, December 31, 2011

Letting go of 2011...

journal cover for my niece

this was my fortune the other day!

really hoping that fortune comes true♥

I'm spending this New Year's Eve at home with my hubby and my kids.  We had chinese take out and I'm hoping I can stay awake till midnight to share a kiss with my sweetheart and bang pots and pans with my kids when the clock strikes 12.  
2011 was a year filled with love, friendship, heartache, loss, and art, always art.  
I have no resolutions to make.  I will simply keep trying to be a loving wife, mother, friend, and artist.  
I'm excited to kick off the new year painting with Misty Mawn in her latest online offering.  I know it will be amazing!  To my friends who left a comment on my last post, "Thank you"  This Christmas was especially difficult.  I still feel like I'm having a little trouble functioning.  I miss my friend♥

Thank you all for your friendship!  I wish you much happiness in the coming year!

I'll be back next year with more art to share!

Much Love,