Saturday, December 24, 2011

i am here

i am here

i am here, i am still here.  my mind is wandering and jumbled. i’m stumbling but i am still here. i have been witness to so much love this week.  i keep thinking i hear something but can’t seem to focus, then i realize i left the water running and now it’s spilling out onto the floor.
i am here at the hospital, i try to be strong. i am holding his hand now but he’ll soon be gone.  he is ready to leave now but still holding on.  he’ll wait for his son before he moves on.  i am here in a circle around a man we all loved. his son made it here just in time. we sing, we tell stories, we laugh, and we cry. we tell him that now it is his turn to fly.
then he is gone in the blink of an eye.

away with his soul
to the heavens he’ll go
and happily meet
in reunion sweet

 I am at peace with the passing of my friend.  I'm looking forward to spending a Happy Christmas with my family.  I haven't wrapped a single present yet but I'll get there. 

Wishing you all very Merry and a Healthy Happy New Year!