Sunday, December 4, 2011

Painting every day!

It's Sunday night and I'm wrapping up my week here with you.  It's been a busy one.  I finished helping my daughter send in her college applications, attended meetings at the high school, and got the paper work filled out and sent in to get my daughter her very first passport!  I drove all the way to the passport office and realized I had forgotten my daughters birth certificate so I had to go back home to get it and drive all the way back.  I had several moments like that this week.  I was feeling like an old lady.  I think I'm just feeling stressed about my girl going to college.  I'm really going to miss her.  
She has been a dream kid and never caused us any worry so we wanted to do something special for her graduation.  She has always wanted to go to Italy, so we're sending her!!!  She'll travel to Milan, Venice, Florence, Nice, Monaco, and  Paris.  The tour we chose goes to France too.  We're feeling pretty broke right now but she's so worth and she'll never forget this experience.  
I'm really excited that with all the busyness I managed to paint a little every day! 
Sometimes it had to be after the kids went to sleep and I ended up staying up too late.  I know I can't keep it up, I need my sleep.  
I'm still so in love with faces.  Hope you like these new ladies!

Sending love to you my blog friends♥