Monday, November 14, 2011

Can I get a do over...

Remember this painting just a couple posts back?  Well, I wasn't in love with her...Her face looked too long, her coloring was too harsh, and I knew she could be so much better so I went to work.

I started covering over her with gesso and presto chango,  she had a new face and background!

Now I'm satisfied, I just love her!
Delicate Wings

Here's another painting I just finished.  I've been dreaming a lot lately and this painting grew out 
of those feelings of wishing an hoping on a star.  Both paintings are now in my SHOP!

Wish Keeper

And I started one more painting today before I had to start making dinner.  I kind of like the expression she has right now, not sure yet if I'll do anything else with her.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who left comments on my last post, sending you all hugs!
Happy Week!