Friday, November 11, 2011

Painting, pottery, and my lucy...

It's Friday!!! No school for the kiddos today and no work for me!  Well, some work...I can't ignore the dust and dishes forever and it does feel good to have a clean house.  I'm trying to clean, paint, play with my babes today, and share some art with you!
Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a Saturday at the studio of an amazing local potter, Craig Martell.  Craig is a master and makes it look so easy.  He is have a studio sale soon!  Those of you in the Salem area might be interested.  

some of craig's work

After watching Craig it was my turn to try!  Queue the ghost soundtrack here. :)
It was so fun, I could have played for hours.

I've been working on another Marie Antoinette painting too, I think I might do a series of them.

Here's a few pics of a painting in progress.  I love painting!  I never know how a piece might turn out.

My little Lucy was missing me on Saturday so I got a special treat for her.  Vanilla ice cream is her favorite!
Sending wishes to you for a Happy Weekend!  Thank you for your friendship here in this little space, it means a lot to me. :)