Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jenny's Paint Box

I have a tender heart tonight.  I'm feeling a bit, well a lot of stress at the moment. So much to do this year to get my daughter ready for college next year and my little guy is in junior high!  I'm dreading having to go to the school tomorrow to meet with my sons principal.  I want to switch his math teacher and the school is giving me heck about it.  I wrote a long letter to take with me illustrating all the reasons the teacher is not a good match for my son.  If the school won't bend I may have to do a home study math program.  I could really use some positive vibes over here.  Would you please send some my way? :)

What would I do without my paint box.  Painting has become my sanctuary.  
My sweet boy wrote the words 'Jenny's Paint Box'  I just love him!

Wishing you well and Happy!
With Love from Oregon,

work in progress