Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Day, I love my friends!

I took a little time out over the weekend to get together with some dear friends: Judy, Melinda, and Ruth. Judy was our fabulous hostess and had the most delicious bounty from her garden to share! We all brought something yummy to eat and some gorgeous art to enjoy. It was just what I needed. Here's a few pics of the day. :)

Love this little mantra in Judy's studio, it reads "May beauty surround you"

Yum, goodness from the garden and homemade croutons on the salad!  Thank you Judy!

Melinda made these red velvet cupcakes from scratch, they were ever so good!
I love how the bitty crumb on top looks like a heart♥

I love this encaustic piece by Judy.

Some of Judy's dolls, makes me want to play with clay.

Had fun looking through an old journal.

Melinda brought some amazing work to share. The picture doesn't do it justice. She's awesome!

Melinda and Judy adding a final touch to this beautiful creation by Melinda!

Melinda has been a busy lady. She'll be filling up a gallery soon no doubt!

Ruth with one of her gorgeous watercolor works.  Wish I would've taken more pics, she is so talented!

And a couple of my pieces on the bottom left of this pic!

I'm such a homebody it was so wonderful to enjoy a day with these creative sisters! 

Friends are the best! Sending love to you my bloggy friends, lets make some art this week!
Xo Jenny :)

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