Monday, June 27, 2011

Paint, plaster, and more paint...

It's Monday night here in Oregon.  I finally broke away from the art supplies long enough to put away some laundry away and do a few dishes.  I'm feeling like house work is is such a waste of my precious time lately.  I just want to play 24/7.  I have to be careful of not becoming anti social too, so I'm trying to plan a few friend dates here and there.  It's good to step away and come back to the work with a fresh eye.  
Here's the progression of what I've worked on this past week.  She's not quite finished yet but I really like her!

This is the finished fresco on plaster I started last week.  She's supposed to look like a an old roman piece.

On the homefront things are going really well.  I just had my annual review at work and I am an excellent employee...phew.  I get nervous about reviews every year but it always turns out great.  
My boy was chosen for the All-star little league team and their 1st game is tomorrow, I'm so proud!  
Lucy  has made herself right at home and sleeps by me every night.  She's my new baby and we're all in love with her.  She and the kitty are close to becoming friends, I hope(fingers crossed). 

If you've ever had a doggy before you know they can get a bit stinky!  I've been giving her a bath once a week to keep her shiny and clean and stink free.  This last pic is Lucy after her bath yesterday.  

Thank you to everyone who visited me on my last post.  I was afraid after all my bloggy issues that my friends  might forget me.  Each comment was like a little gift and I'm thankful for each and every one of you!
Love to you and happy art making,