Monday, February 7, 2011

A painting from start to finish...

It's Monday night. Dinner's on the stove, kids are doing homework, and I'm winding down with a little computer time. To all who've come to visit me for OWOH I say, "Thank you!!!" I really love making new friends. I'm slowly trying to visit everyone without ignoring my family too much. It may take me til the 17th to make it around the world. :)
I thought it would be fun to share the progression of one my recent paintings. The original just sold to a lovely lady in Seattle! If you're interested in being entered in my giveaway to receive a print of this painting you can leave a comment on the previous post HERE.

She started out with pencil

Here comes some paint

I messed up her mouth, so I covered it and started again.

Adding details and color

Some written words

a button from my dear grandmother's collection and the
#8 on her blouse because it's my lucky number

I will miss her now that she's flying off to Seattle, but I know she will be loved
in her new home.

Sending you love from Oregon,