Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giveaway winners!!!

A big "thank you" to all that signed up for my giveaway! I wish I had something for all of you. :) I felt like I was able to connect with each of you as I carefully wrote out your names, cut them into strips and placed them in the little box pictured below. I'm definitely gonna have to do another giveaway in the future, it was a lot of fun!
I shook the box several times, opened it, and pulled out two names.
The winners are: Robin Norgren
Robin, you will be getting the book, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Jennifer, you will be receiving the painting since you mentioned that it looked a bit like your grandmother.

I must apologize for posting this a little late, I was having a pity party last night.
Both of my dear kitties have gone missing. I thought it was pretty strange for both cats to have gone missing so I called the local chief of police. Apparently there has been a big coyote problem in my neighborhood and several people have reported missing cats. If you have pets, you know how I must be feeling. I'm still trying to hold out hope that maybe they will come home. I may have to send a last minute letter to Santa to bring my kitties home for Christmas.

Wishing you all well and happy!
Much Love,