Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Keepsake and a Thank you...

Since my dear Grandma was unexpectedly called home I've been a bit broken of heart. Most days are fine and time really does lessen the pain but every now and again I just cry out of the blue. I regret that I wasn't able to see her before she was taken, that I didn't have a chance to tell her how much she meant to me. How the memories spent with her growing up are some of the sweetest of my childhood. How I used to wish we could move to California to be closer to her and my Grandpa.

I went to California for her funeral and was overcome when I walked into her home and she wasn't there. I knew of course that she was gone, but standing there among of all of her things I half expected to see her walking down the hallway to greet me. I walked into her room and into her closet and gently ran my hands along her clothes and could almost feel her there. I hadn't hurt so badly since I lost Grandpa. I crossed to her bed, fell into the pillows, and just sobbed. I know in my heart that she is happy, that she is with her sweetheart once more and I'm glad for that. I just really miss her.

My grandmother was quite the seamstress and loved to collect thimbles. I now have her thimble collection and as I was looking at them one day I had the idea that a necklace could be made from one of her special thimbles. I immediately thought of Jennifer Valentine and wondered if she would be willing to make a special Keepsake for me.

I emailed Jennifer with my idea and she was so amazingly kind. She wanted to know a little bit about my Grandmother to give her a feel of who she was and what she may want to do with the necklace. So I carefully packaged my little thimble and mailed it off to her to be made anew. After a short while the thimble found it's way back home. I was so excited as I opened the package and there it was, a beautiful necklace so lovingly packaged. It was just what I had hoped for, a link to my dear Grandmother, a beautiful reminder, a keepsake.

Thank you Jennifer Valentine, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Much Love,


Grandma & I at my favorite beach

This is a shirt my Grandma made for me, the #8 is because I'm the 8th grandchild
Here is the thimble waiting to be transformed
Jennifer's packaging is as beautiful as her jewelry

The tiny vintage bound scissors mean that your ties will never be cut....the faceted vintage French stone is about how grandmothers add so many facets to our being....and the peaceful blue color is representative of the peace our grandmothers bring, and of the heavens, where you will see her again.
The little vintage heart locket with the rose represents her love of roses and the way you loved her and she loved you....there is enough room in there for a picture of her pretty face.
The unbroken circle represents eternity and the circle of love that enfolds you always as she looks upon you and holds you in her arms always.
The rose at the back of the necklace means that she will always be there, looking over your shoulder as you go about your day....even though at times you may forget.

-Jennifer Valentine