Friday, June 4, 2010

Practice Kindness...

My walls have been looking a bit bare since I gave away a couple of paintings and I really wanted to make something not just pretty and colorful but a gentle reminder to myself and my family to practice kindness. In journaling this past week I remembered something that I'd completely forgotten about. I used to make drawings when I was a kid with captions that would say things like, parents shouldn't yell at their kids and and put them up around the house. Don't get me wrong, my childhood was happy. I was a very sensitive kid though, and I let my parents know by way of my art if I wasn't happy about something. As I got older I wanted to have art around my home that would remind me to be patient, kind, loving, etc. I really wanted to make my home, a happy home. So this is my first piece and it's hanging on my wall now. I hope the message will sink into the hearts of my family and anyone who is welcomed into our home. Kindness is a wonderful gift and best of all it's free! We never know how a simple act of kindness or a sincere smile will brighten someones day.

Happy Friday blog friends and thank you for the kindness you share with me, it's brings me so much joy!